Common Core State Standards

Saint Anne Catholic School has been a leader in education since its beginning in 1954. Our curriculuum is based on traditional Catholic School methodology that started with the Sisters of the Holy Cross.

Saint Anne Catholic School embraces the addition of certain aspects of the Common Core State Standards as a pathway to teaching a Catholic way of life; opening doors and empowering Saint Anne students to reach their full potential. Our traditional standards will be enhanced with the Common Core Standards to create goals for what students should master in a given subject in one year.

We will continue to use classic literature, teach cursive, and introduce multi-strategies in teaching basic Mathematics. Educational process is under the supervision of the Catholic Dioces of Las Vegas and its curriculum guide for all subjects. At Saint Anne Catholic School, teachers use a varitey of teaching methods to reach all students to improve student learning.

Common core standards create continuity across the grade levels, building strength, year upon year, for the benefit of the whole child. The common core standards inform student mastery of critical thinking so Saint Anne students will be better prepared as leaders with the tools, skills, and knowledge needed to face the challenges they will encounter in high school, college, workplace, and community settings-as Catholics and citizens of the world.

Please review the following video to learn more about how the Common Core State Standards play a role in your child’s education at Saint Anne Catholic School.