Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are pleased to inform you that all students in the Diocese of Las Vegas now have access to SafeVoice. The SafeVoice program offers a hotline, mobile app, and website for the purpose of reporting threats to the safety and well-being of our students. SafeVoice was established by the Nevada Department of Education and is operated in partnership with the Nevada Department of Public Safety. Reports are anonymous unless the reporter chooses to share his or her name.

We recognize that parents are the primary educators of their children and that the school serves as an extension of that responsibility. When concerns arise, our hope is that your child will talk directly with you, as well as with the faculty and staff at each of our schools. However, if that is not possible, students can use SafeVoice as a way to speak up for their friends, the safety of their school community, or themselves. We encourage students to take a stand, to contribute to creating a positive school climate, and when they “See Something, Say Something.” We believe SafeVoice can help us achieve these goals and parents and guardians are asked to reinforce this message at home.

Reports are confidential and consistent with the investigation process. The reports submitted are received live 24/7/365 by trained Public Safety Communications Specialists who will gather information, engage emergency responders if necessary, and pass the report on to a team at the appropriate school and address stated concerns. In accordance with our schools policies, parents will be informed of such reports.

The SafeVoice app is free in the Apple or Android stores. The reporting system can also be accessed by visiting or calling 833-216-7233(SAFE).

The safety of our students is our priority and we thank you for your support of our efforts.