Mission Statement

The Saint Anne Catholic School Community, a ministry of Saint Anne Roman Catholic Church, is committed to the fundamental obligation to teach and live the Gospel message as well as preparing students to be productive, responsible and effective members of the world community. We prepare students for life-time service to God and the quest for knowledge.

School Philosophy

Saint Anne Catholic School is a community in which teachers, clergy, parents, and parishioners are dedicated to providing a Christian education for each student in the school. As facilitators of the educational program, the faculty, staff, and administration consider it essential to teach the student to live in accordance with the spiritual, moral and ethical principles exemplified in the life of Christ. We realize the necessity of educating and developing our community of students to its fullest potential…Active faith-filled Catholics, Lifelong learners, Effective Communicators, Responsible citizens, Culturally aware/global citizens…in a caring, nurturing environment. While we recognize the parent as the primary educator, we realistically acknowledge and contribute to the partnership between home and school. In the tradition of global awareness characteristic of our universal church, we further realize the need to prepare and instill in each student a global perspective that will move them to recognize and accept responsible membership in their school/family community, and in the world community.