We wouldn't feed your kids anything we wouldn't feed our own. Our passion lies in the kitchen, to provide real food with a purpose, to those who need it most. BetterLunch is an easy, efficient way to make sure your kids are being fed their favorite meals with the healthy ingredients their bodies need.

What's Included?

  • Each lunch comes with 2 chef selected side items.
  • Side items will vary depending on the season and availability.
  • Drinks may be ordered for an additional fee (available at most locations).


A SCHOOL CODE is required to register on our website. Our SCHOOL CODE is: STANNE.

8:00am is our cut off time to place an order.

Order 36 hours prior to take advantage of all entrée choices for the day and to avoid a convenience fee.

Cancel your lunch by 8:00am to receive a credit back to your lunch account.

Not sure what size to order?

  • SMALL for Pre-Schoolers;
  • MEDIUM for grades K-5;
  • LARGE for grades 6-12