Before and After School Program

After School Program

A supervised After School Program including indoor/outdoor activities and study time is available from 3:00PM (12:00PM on minimum/noon dismissal days) after school to 6:00PM for Saint Anne Catholic School students.

Bills for the After School Program occur at the end of the month in which they attended. All bills are due by the end of the following week, Friday. Please be sure to pay your After School bill in a timely manner.  Parents who continuously leave an unpaid balance will be asked to find other child care options for their children.

Registration and Fees: A registration fee of $25.00 per child will be required to receive a $5.00 per hour per child rate. Non-registered families will be charged $10.00 per child per hour.  There is a late charge equal to $1 per minute after 6:00PM – not to exceed $20.00.

A student still on the school grounds at 3:00 PM will be escorted to the After School Program, and parents will be charged accordingly. This is for the safety of all children and will be strictly enforced.

After School Care will be offered on minimum days with the exception of the following dates: October 9, December 18, June 3.

NOTE: Brothers, sisters, and friends waiting for students involved in sports and other after-school activities are not allowed to be in the gym, classrooms or to wait anywhere (lunch tables, basketball court, etc.) They must be supervised in the After School Program. Children may not bring personal toys from home to the After School Program.

Before School Program

Saint Anne Catholic School has a morning program from 6:30-7:45am in Ghanem Center (Gym) for children needing care before school.  Any child that arrives before 7:30am will be charged $5.  A registration fee of $25 per child is required for Morning Care.  There is a single registration fee for Before and After School Program.

NOTE:  All pupils arriving before 7:45am are to report directly to the Before School Program in the Ghanem Center (Gym). Children may not leave school grounds for any reason once they are dropped off. Those arriving after 8:00AM are tardy.