Renaissance Learning

STAR Reading

STAR Reading’s research-based test items gives teachers actionable data to assess students in four major skill areas: foundational skills, informational text, literature, and language. The assessment provides the most reliable information in the least amount of time. All students can be screened in about 20 minutes. Expanded skills-based testing and reports provide educators with actionable insights for screening, progress monitoring, instructional planning, and accelerating growth. They can view data in relationship to Nevada’s Criterion-Referenced Test (CRT) for Reading, and prepare students for it.


Expanded skills-based testing and reports provide educators with data for screening, instructional planning, standards benchmarking, and forecasting results on state tests. With STAR Math, teachers can see which students need help to reach appropriate proficiency levels. Teachers can monitor each student’s growth at key points in the school year. They also can view data in relationship to Nevada’s Criterion-Referenced Test (CRT) for Math, and prepare students for it.

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a simple way to motivate, monitor, and manage reading practice. Students read a book and take a short comprehension quiz. Students are engaged in the practice because of the authentic texts and personalized goals that challenge students without causing frustration. More than 175,000 comprehension quizzes means students have a wide variety of books from which to choose. A dynamic Discovery Bookshelf guides students to books based on their reading history, level, and books popular with other kids.

Accelerated Math

Students must learn to think critically—like mathematicians—in order to master math. Accelerated Math keeps students working—and thinking—to solve a set of 6 problems before they see which ones they missed. The right amount of productive struggle helps students learn. Accelerated Math empowers teachers to lead and succeed in a dynamic classroom environment. Educators group students according to STAR assessment data, and guide growth as students practice, discuss, and collaborate on problems.

MathFacts in a Flash

Math facts practice builds fluency and promotes algebraic thinking. Students quickly improve their math skills with differentiated practice to recall the math facts that serve as building blocks to higher-level thinking. Students practice addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, squares, fractions, decimals, and percents.