School Lunch Program

Dear Saint Anne Parents,
We at WT Café are thrilled to be able to provide our made from scratch school lunches to your children this school year. Your school made a commitment to the health and well-being of your children when they selected WT Café, and we won’t let you down! When your children eat WT Café meals, you can relax knowing they ate a well-balanced and satisfying lunch that will power them through the school day. Please see below for more information about our program. We are honored to be cooking for your children this year!

The WT Café Kitchen Team

How to Participate in the WT Café Lunch Delivery Program

  1. REGISTER yourself at as the parent customer.
  2. ADD USERS to your account. Users can be children or adults – anyone who may order from WT Café during the school year. Room will be N/A.
  3. CUSTOMIZE YOUR MENU by indicating dietary preferences for each user under MANAGE ACCOUNT. Your menu items will then be filtered by these preferences.
  4. ORDER LUNCH. Pre-order meals 36 hours ahead and receive access to our full menu. You may pre-order meals online for any day with a published menu, and can edit your orders up until 36 hours ahead. Rush lunches are available for an extra charge up until 8am same day. You may cancel pre-ordered meals online up to 8am same day.
  5. You may also AUTO-ORDER. Simply select your child’s favorites (under MANAGE ACCOUNT or from the ORDER screen) and click AUTO-ORDER from the ORDER screen to automatically populate orders on the days your child’s favorite meals are on the menu!
  6. Be sure to click PAY NOW to receive confirmation that your order was placed.
  7. RECEIVE EMAIL CONFIRMATION. You will receive an email confirmation with each WT Café transaction.

Additional Lunch Information

Lunch includes one entrée and two sides. Extra entrée portions are available for an additional $1.00 for your healthier eaters!