School-wide Student Learning Expectations

  1. Active faith-filled Catholics who
    • pray everyday
    • live each day as Jesus did
    • demonstrate a spirit of service
    • share the teachings of Jesus with others
    • understand and participate in the teachings and traditions of the Catholic Church
  2. Life-long Learners who
    • love to learn
    • use and apply basic skills
    • develop independence in learning
    • utilize critical thinking skills
    • appreciate fine arts
  3. Effective Communicators who
    • speak well
    • listen to others
    • write ideas clearly
    • read with understanding and enjoyment
    • understand the tools of technology and use them responsibly
  4. Responsible Citizens who
    • make good choices
    • think before they act
    • help and take care of others
    • accept accountability for their actions
    • recognize, appreciate, and use their God-given talents
  5. Culturally Aware/Global Citizens who
    • "Crusade" for Kindness
    • respect themselves and each other
    • are peacemakers
    • appreciate and care for all of God's creation
    • recognize that everyone is equal in God's eyes